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Buyer's Guide:
buying a cheap mobile phone - how to avoid the traps set by most of the mobile phone operators.

On the outside, most mobile phones look pretty similar. But they are not all created equally. So how do you select the right phone? Our Buyer's Guide will help you see the things other companies don't want you to consider when buying your mobile phone.

Just two choices ?

If you have studied the mobile phone market, you can be forgiven for thinking there are only two options available. Fixed 12 month contract mobiles or "pay as you go".

However, (Mobileplus and MobileXtra) from Telecom plus plc are very different:

  • No minimum contracts - on any phones.
  • FREE itemised billing on all tariffs.
  • Lowest line rental in the UK
  • Deals with no line rental - ever.
  • No peak rate charges - cheap rates all day every day.

Beware the salesman!

We do not have any sales staff to pester you - this means if you buy a phone from our site, you are likely to remain a customer because you have chosen us, rather we have pestered you.

All our sales are generated through the internet which means we do not have to cover the costs of expensive high street outlets and hence offer much lower prices.

A lot of people we talk to have been caught out when shopping in the High Street - remember, most sales staff in the mobile phone shops are paid on commission. If they don't sell you a phone, they don't get paid - this generally means they are not necessarily acting on your behalf, but rather in their own interests.

Sales staff very often don't go over the standard charges as well as they should. In many cases, they don't go over the various charges at all. They just tell you the great deal you're getting and ask you to sign up to a twelve month contract, or an inappropriate expensive "pay as you go" phone.

Don't get caught for 12 months!

Unfortunately it is only once people get their first bill they realise just how expensive a contract mobile phone can be and by then it is too late - they are locked to paying the fees for 12 months.

Telecom plus plc are so confident with their prices that they don't lock you in for 12 months - in fact, they have no minimum contracts at all.

Only companies who know they are expensive need to lock you in to stop you going elsewhere. Why would any company lock you into a long contract? unless they know their deal is not the best. Our advice is be very, very careful about signing long term contracts - you don't need too.

Pay as you go ? (or "pay through the nose" ?)

The usual alternative when trying to avoid the 12 month contract mobile phone is the "pay as you go" or "pre-pay" option. The big risk of the "pay as you go" mobile phone is being caught with extremely high call charges - a daytime call can often cost as much as 50p per minute, with per minute billing.

Don't forget, peak rate on a mobile phone is up until 7pm in the evening - leaving most people with just 3 hours a day when they can use their mobile phone "cheap rate". Now, consider an average quick phone call "honey, I'm on my way home...." lasting just 65 seconds - that one phone call might therefore cost £1 or £365 per year on a pay as you go tariff with per minute billing.

The equivalent cost on the MobileXtra tariff (which has per second billing) would cost just £39.54 - saving you a massive £325 each year.

Emergency use only

A lot of people buy "pay as you go" phones for "emergency use and low use only" and find just a couple of calls a week can cost them £10-£15 per month. A "pay as you go" phone can also leave you without being able to make a phone call when you need it most - if you don't regularly "top up" your mobile phone, then it becomes a "don't pay - don't go" mobile phone.

The MobileXtra tariff has the advantage of no monthly line rental (as with "pay as you go" phones), but also allows you to make cheap peak rate calls (as with contract phones) without the fear of running out of "talk time". If you are worried about spending too much on your calls - you can set a monthly limit on the phone. You receive full details of this free service with your mobile phone.

You will also benefit from free itemised billing on the MobileXtra tariff - the reason you never see an itemised bill in a Pay As You Go phone is because the mobile phone operators don't want you to see just how much the calls are costing you. It's perfectly possible to produce itemised billing for Pay As You Go phones - it's just the industry doesn't want to!

Itemised Billing

A lot of companies quote prices such as "just £11.99 per month" then add small print that states you must also purchase itemised billing at £1.99 per month, and also add VAT! So instead of the cost being £11.99 per month, the real cost is actually £16.42 per month, but by the time you see your first bill, it could be too late - you've signed for 12 months.

The Mobileplus tariff is £9.99 and this price already includes VAT and itemised billing. There is also have free itemised billing on our MobileXtra tariff as standard.

The Peak Rate/Cheap Rate Trick

Why should it cost more to make a phone call at 6:59pm than it does at 7:01pm? What has changed - do you get a cheaper radio mast?, a poorer line quality? No! So why do so many mobile phone companies have a separate cost between peak rate/cheap rate?

Simply because they know that most people think they only use their phone during cheap rate times, when the reality is most people end up making a good number of calls during peak rate (especially as most people don't even realise peak rate is up until 7pm on a weekday.) Again, it is one of the great mobile phone industry tricks.

You need to carefully consider just when you want to make calls from your mobile not when you must. The most common time to need your mobile is when you are away from home - which for most people is during peak rate.

We do not force you to make calls at certain times of the day as both Mobileplus and MobileXtra tariffs have a single call rate - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use your mobile anytime of day without worrying about how much the call will cost you.

"Free minutes" - the myth exposed.

This is another one of the biggest traps around - and most unsuspecting people get caught. A lot of mobile phone operators offer so-called "free minutes". They then go on to say the phone will cost £17.99 per month. Sorry, did we miss something? We thought is was free? Then, reading the small print, you notice the free minutes are only available at off peak times - so you can end up paying £18 in return for £5 worth of "free" calls. Not quite free is it?. We get a lot of people who have been on £15 a month tariffs with 750 free minutes and yet still pay over £300 a month in call charges.

Once again, our advice is be very cautious about bundled "free minutes". Choose your mobile phone on how much you want to use it - not on how much you could use it.

Confusion marketing ?

Choosing a mobile phone deal is a very confusing task. The fact that there are so many different deals for one product (the mobile phone) is not a coincidence - it is known in the industry as "confusion marketing" and is designed purposefully to stop you looking for the best deal.

Telecom plus tariffs are very different. Our calls cost the same, anytime of day, any day of the week, and you are not in a 12 month contract - so you know exactly where you stand. If you find the deal isn't the best one for you, then you are free to cancel.

In summary.......

When deciding which mobile phone you want to buy - don't look at the "deals" until you have worked out (truthfully) when and how often you want to use your mobile. When you have done that, have a good look at our rates (which you will not find in any High Street shops as Telecom plus plc only sell through Independent Distributors like ourselves).

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