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FREE and Unique Service - Limit Your Call Charges

  • Do you worry about running up a big monthly mobile phone bill?

  • We have a solution! This service is available exclusively to Utility Warehouse Discount Club members.

What is "Call Cost Control"?

The main provider we work in association with (The Utility Warehouse) offer a unique call cost control system. It is ideal if you want to set a monthly limit on your mobile phone - for whatever reason.

If you order one of our special deals you can elect to have a Call Cost Control added to your account - free of charge. Full details on how to activate this useful feature are included with your phone or sim card on delivery. The minimum monthly call spend limit you can set is £20.

How does call cost control work?

When you are close to your monthly spend limit, a text is sent to your phone. When your monthly spend limit is reached, outgoing calls from the phone are disabled except for emergency numbers. You can still receive calls.

If you need to increase your limit, call customer services and quote your password to reactivate your phone, stating how much increase on your limit you wish to set. Your call spend is automatically reset on the first day of each new month.

Why is this so much better than controlling call spend with a Pay As You Go phone?

Many people use Pay As You Go phones to control their mobile spending. However, this can be a false economy. With Pay As You Go phones, calls are often "rounded up" to the nearest minute. For example, a 65 second phone call can cost 2 minutes.

Hence, a quick call such as "I'm on my way home, I'll see you later" could cost you a lot more than you think. If you pay 45p a minute for a standard call (not uncommon with Pay As You Go phones), a 65 second call costs 90p. Hence, many people are paying around a £1 a minute to talk on a Pay As You Go phone. If you currently spend more than £15 a month on a Pay As You Go phone, check out our sim card deals.

How to check your current monthly call spend?

If you have purchased a mobile from The Utility Warehouse Discount Club via our web site, you can check your call spend by using the unique MMail service.

Send the following text message: ?spend (all one word, no spaces) to 07932 165000

You will then receive a text message detailing the number of calls and the call spend (including VAT) to date in the current month.
(There will be a short delay before this message is received)

The call spend figure takes into account the free call allowance for whichever tariff the customer is using.

- The call spend will be at least 24 hours behind the network
- Roamed calls will take longer to update

Customers are charged their standard rate for sending the text message but there is no cost to receive the reply.

The first time this service is used, customers will receive an additional message before the text message with their call spend. The message text is the following:

Thanks for using MMail. For more details on more options please visit Thank you. Telecom plus Customer Services.