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Nokia 3310 mobile phone on the exclusive MobileXtra tariff

The great ALTERNATIVE to expensive Pay As You Go deals. No vouchers to buy - simply pay monthly by direct debit (without being tied by a long term contract).

Cost of phone: NOW £69.99 (Was £79.99)
order a cheap mobile phone

Full MobileXtra Tariff - It's so simple
Cheap rate all day - No peak rate charges

Call Charges (Same rates apply 24 hours a day)
prices shown include VAT:

standard calls to UK landline numbers: 10p
SMS text messages: 11.75p
calls mobile to mobile: 10p*
Cross network mobile to mobile: 40p
Voicemail retrieval: 10p

Call charges are shown per minute. Billing is per second - calls are NOT rounded up to the nearest minute as with many other operators. e.g. for a 45 second phone call you are only charged for 45 seconds, not 1 minute!

* Mobile calls cost 10p to other phones on the Mobileplus and MobileXtra tariff (i.e. tell your friends to get a free sim card and you will both save money!). Calls cost 40p per minute to all other mobiles.

There is no line rental to pay on this tariff, but there is a minimum monthly charge of £3. For example, if you only spend £2.50 on calls in a month, your bill would be rounded up to £3. Don't forget, you get a FREE fully itemised statement each month.

Call payment is collected by Direct debit. Standard calls include all local, regional and national numbers, including local rate(e.g. 0345/0845) national rate (e.g. 0870/0990) and Freephone numbers (e.g.0800/0500)


Monthly cost of the MobileXtra tariff
compared to standard Pay As You Go tariffs

Telecom plus PLC

Standard Daytime
Minutes Per Day*


Pay & Go

Pay As You Go

Just Talk








*Don't forget, this table assumes that only standard calls are made.
Calls to other mobile networks are more expensive on all the above tariffs.

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