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Second hand and used mobile phones

Second hand and used mobile phones here

Second hand mobile phones at EBay - click here

Buying a used or second hand phone can be a very economical way of getting a mobile phone - especially if you already have a mobile phone that no longer works, has been stolen or has been lost.

If your phone has been stolen, then you need to get your existing sim card blocked ASAP. Once your phone providers have blocked your sim card, they will need to send you a new one. If you did not take out insurance you are now in for a big shock when they tell you the cost to replace the handset or the cost for you to "buy yourself out" of the remainder of your contract.

That is why we have included this page on our website - to give you some suggestions of alternative places to buy a secondhand or used mobile phone.

You can also try Ebay - thousands of second hand phones - but be aware, you need to make sure the phone you buy is unlocked so you can use it with the sim card you already have.

Try our other website Second hand mobile phones UK.